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this is an interactive doob.

it works like this:
1. if you are already logged in into google and/or blogspot, please log off first,
2. click on "comments" below,
3. write the "word verification" characters in the comment body text (as well as in the relevant box),
4. if these characters -or those entered by the person immediately before you- inspire you to add something, please do/ob!


[inspired by and dedicated to my friends: m.hulot, a_live, and heimkurst - and open to anyone who wants to play]

1 - 100

doobies 1 - 100 [051121 - 060523] appear when you click on 'comments'

many thanks to all the fellow doobers [so far - and in order of first doobearance]:

heimkurst, Lohengrin, a_live, sissoula, Rainman, Loxias, yatabazah, Sraosha, Μία Ου, schottkey, trol, spyros, Sandouri Dean Bey, Ranex, Roman, Κοκοβιός, fua, H


keep doobing!